Nufree Finipil 50 Lait POS 12 piece display



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Antibacterial - Antimicrobial PATENTED. Finipil is an amazing after hair removal treatment. It protects against ingrown hairs, kills 99.9% of germs, protects the empty hair follicle, shrinks pore size and has been proven to actually slow down hair growth. Finipil also has other uses. You can use Finipil anywhere you need antibacterial & antimicrobial quality along with instant cooling and soothing. • Burns - use on burns, prevents scars. • Hands - use on your hands for a quick germ killing lotion, without the dryness of alcohols. • Feet - heals and soothes cuticle damage, kills fungus, a great product to use on feet at the health club. • Reduces Swelling (of tired feet) • Soothes Chapped Lips (great for cold sores) Finipil Retail Display. Comes with 12 tubes Finipil Lait 50 (each with an instruction label) 

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