MaskerAide Weather Warrior Facial Sheet Mask



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Whether you've spent the day baking on the beach or skiing down the slopes, your skin has taken a beating. Exposure to damaging elements such as harmful UV rays, wind and extreme cold can leave your skin dry, flaky and screaming SOS! Caring for and moisturizing your skin after exposure to the elements is essential. Apply weather warrior mask with aloe, green tea, witch hazel and argan oil to help soothe, calm and heal your skin allowing it to breathe a sigh of relief. Directions for use: 1. to prepare face for your at home facial, start by cleansing and toning your skin. 2. Tear open packet. Gently unfold mask and place on face. Adjust over eyes, nose and mouth for a perfect fit. Rub any excess serum into neck and chest, such good stuff is not to be wasted! 3. Relax for 10-20 minutes. Remove mask and discard. Gently pat moisture into skin or give a quick rinse and lightly pat dry.

  • Calm, soothe & heal
  • MaskerAide formulas are so gentle, these masks can be used by every skin type
  • MaskerAide facial masks are made from a thin fiber sheet that is cut to contour to your face
  • Sheet masks are totally mess free
  • Free of: parabens, harsh dyes & pigments, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, benzophenone, glycerin's

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